Washington Township’s government consists of  three elected officials, the Trustees, and the elected Fiscal Officer. They are responsible for administering and overseeing the township's budget and infrastructure, including roads and bridges and related equipment, all personnel and other related matters to the governing of the township. Each Trustee and the Fiscal Officer are elected for four-year terms. They also serve as government liaisons with surrounding communities, Warren County Commissioners, Warren County departments and all other matters affecting the Township residents.

We are responsible for 21.476 miles of roads in our township.  Our Roads Supervisor Allen Stanforth inspects them routinely and ensures that they are in good repair.  He oversees all road repair and improvement projects, handles mowing and grading of ditches, and plowing of snow in the winter.  

Our Snow Season Policy is detailed on another page.

Our Washington Township roads are:

(as of 2016)




Other roads in the township are either maintained by the county or the state.  If you notice a problem on one of our roads, feel free to contact us by email and we will address your question as soon as possible.  A map of Washington Township is shown here.  Most, but not all of the roads in blue that are in the white area are township roads.

Arabian Run

Paddock View Court

Arrowcreek Drive

Ross Road

Arrowhead Lane

Senior Road

Blazing Trail

Sentinel Court

Fischer Road

Settlemyre Road

Flint Trail

Shawhan-Ayers Road

Fordyce Road

Short Street

Gum Grove Road

Stable View Court

Indian Lakes Blvd.

Strout Road

Lincoln Road

The Shepherd’s Way

Lisle Lane

Ward-Koebel Road

McGwinn Road

Woodward-Claypool Road

Nicholson Road

                Washington Township, Warren County, Ohio